Book cover design

One of our favorites is the book cover design. Why? Because the book cover is the very first thing the reader encounters. In addition to attracting attention, with a good cover design we also tell something about the story itself. Like a good movie poster about the movie. Designing a good book cover, is a complex and really creative task! It’s a real challenge for graphic designers, but we just love it!


Logo and branding design

A good logo is like a self-confident handshake. We can not ignore it. We note it and have a definite impression right away. Our goal is to make this impression as long-lasting as possible! So far, the biggest creative challenge has been the logo design for a company dealing with plumbing and blockage prevention. Sounds like a tough one, but we did it!

Layout design

The layout performs roughly the same task in printed materials as a well-designed “User Interface” does on digital surfaces. Layout is a structure where every item (header, footer, text mirror, styles, etc.) has its place and function. It gives a frame to the content and system for the work process with the text.

Balance Development Creativity

In design, just like in life, everything depends on the right balance and good proportions. But the truth is that sometimes we only find those good proportions by drinking a disproportionately high amount of coffee … Creativity is a sassy asset. Sometimes it makes a fool of us and only leads us to the solution of a problem through a fair amount of sideways. But when finally everything falls in it’s right place, it always turns out that invested energy will never be lost, it will only be transformed.

Some of our projects

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book cover design, typography, print, soft cover, hard cover

design, branding, print, congress marketing 

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