Client: International Primary School Szeged

logo-, branding, site-building, print, marketing

| 2017 |

The schoolboy as a graphic element and the flying ball are organically bound to the acronym. The figure is charming, but not childish, and a clear association to primary school. In the full-color version the fresh, modern colors reflect internationalism and harmony. With the ball fly flying freely we further accentuate the playfulness and openness of the logo.

Szeged IPS website

A colorful and playful website tailored to the ars poetics of the school! We designed it so that the site reflects the mood and message the clien wanted to convey.

Go to the Szeged-IPS website!

Consistent appearance is important!

In the design of the Szeged IPS brochure, our primary focus was to incorporate the visual concept of the website into the printed booklet. This way we accentuated the colorful image of the school even more, and made it easy for the targeted audience to recognize the message.

In all the designs we underlined the cheerful colors, with playful graphic elements and vibrant images.