Client: Maxim Publishing Company

cover design, print, typography

| 2015 |

While designing this cover, it was important to combine the mystic vibes with the modern elements so that the target audience (teen girls) would feel adressed at once. The fairy tale-like mood of the title script is in balance with the silhouette of the girl figure in the middle of the cover and the modern metropolis in the background. The blue sky is lit up by the stars. So we underlined the radiant glow of the clouds and the moon.

A sorozat további kötetei

After the success of the first volume released in 2014, three more sequels were published with the covers designed by us. To the publisher it was crucial that already at first glance it should be obvious that the books belong together Therefore, in each of the four covers, we insisted on applying the same graphic structure (figurative element, silhouette, moon). We highlighted the individuality of each sequel by putting characters of the story in focus.

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