Client: Maxim Publishing Company

book cover, design, print

| 2015 |

The layout refers to the structure of a page. By placing text, images, icons, and other graphic elements, we determine the individual style of the design. Layout is an important and exciting part of graphic design. Throughout the work process, we must never forget that the devil is always in the details.

The right adjusting of text mirror, header, and columns, determines the relationship between negative spaces and content.

Good typography does not only contributes to legibility and interpretation of a text, but is also an important part of the design.

All elements of the layout are defined in their own style. So , putting together hundreds of pages of brochures is a breeze for the editors.

Full-color or direct color layout? The color palette we provide is an important part of the publication’s uniform appearance.

A layout is good if the reader finds all the information quickly and easily, but throughout the work process  it is an important aspect to make the work of the editors, who are going to be actually using the layout, easier and faster.

Within a layout, different colors, graphic elements and styles make it easier to interpret the text and guide the reader’s eye.